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Battle of the Bands

FINALS August 17!

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Contest Rules

1.  How to Enter - Complete the registration form and bring or mail the form and $30.00 entry fee (non-refundable, cash or money order) to:

     Barley Island Brewing Company

     639 Conner Street

     Noblesville, Indiana 46060

Located 1 block west of the historic courthouse in downtown Noblesville

2.  Eligibility - Any age can play on the music stage in the dining room at Barley Island Brewing Company.  Bands must consist of at least 3 people.  Bands are encouraged to play original music.  Employees of Barley Island Brewing Company and MMC Studios are not eligible to participate in the BOTB contest.    

3.  Battle Nights - The initial rounds of play will be on Wednesdays at 9:00 pm.  The Battle Nights begin on Wednesday, June 1st, 2005 9:00pm.  The schedule of Battle Nights will be posted at this web site and a notice will be sent via e-mail to every band's Main Contact.  Four bands will play for 30 minutes each on Battle Nights.  Equipment provided by MMC Studios consists of PA system, microphones, speakers and drum kit. 

4.  Selection of Winners - From the four bands on Battle Nights only one band will advance to the playoffs.  The selection of the winning band on each Battle Night will based on the judging from the Audience Vote and from the vote of three Judges.  After the initial Schedule of play is determined the playoff brackets and finals will be scheduled accordingly.

5.  Judging Criteria - Bands competing on Battle Nights will be judged by a panel of 3 judges on the following criteria:  Musicianship, Originality, Stage Presence, and Overall Impression.  The Judges vote will be count 75% towards the Selection of the Winner and the Audience vote will be count 25%.  There is no cover charge on Battle Nights but each audience member will be given 1 ballot per beverage purchase.  A beverage may be non-alcoholic (soda, iced tea or energy drink) or alcoholic (over 21).  Each audience member can complete more than one ballot.  The ballot enables the audience member to vote for one winner out of the four bands on Battle Night.   

6.  Prizes - With a 36 band sign-up for the BOTB contest the Grand Prize will be $500 cash, a gig at Barley Island, and 20 hours of recording time at MMC Studios.  Second prize will be $200 cash and 5 hours recording time at MMC Studios.  Third prize will be $100.00 cash and 5 hours recording time at MMC Studios.  Sponsors may add to the prize pool as they are signed up.

Any questions please call Barley Island Brewing Company at 317-770-5280 or e-mail Jeff Eaton at

  2005 Barley Island Brewing Company